Oh, right, I have an LJ. I forget that sometimes.

I feel like I've lost touch with a lot of you guys! Is everyone out there okay? Any need for hugs? Anyone want to talk? I don't know, hahaha.

On my part, my first year at UCLA has gone well so far! I'm managing about a 3.4 average (which isn't great, but coming off of my last semester at Soka...), and loving almost all my classes. (Russian Science Fiction, taught by a famous Russian linguist who was once fired for being BFFs with Boris Pasternak? History of the American Musical, featuring among other things Chess? Yes.) I'm really glad I made the switch, to say the least.

Working food service now, and making decent money doing it! Plus I get free sushi sometimes, which is always a plus.

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I'll take that hug offer. Real life has been....hectic, in a word. And History of the American Musical sound like such a fun class. &heart;

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The college I'm planning on attending doesn't have nearly as cool courses. Though I'm not that big on sci-fi, but anything Russian catches my attention.

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*looks up Boris Pasternak*
*jaw drops*
And things like that are why classes here are so awesome, oh man.

WAIT. WAIT A MINUTE. Do you work at Tsunami/the Cooperage? Because if so, we're coworkers, too. .__.

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I know, right? I was like "holy shit this guy is awesome".

No, sadly, although I go there all the time for food because salmon rolls are awesome. I'm up at LuValle.

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Faculty, why are you so cool.

Ohh I see. It's true, salmon rolls are the best!

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on an unrelated, spammy note, I'm kinda in love with all your Nordic icons

but then again I'm only obsessed

*needs Prussia icons...*

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Oh! Why thank you, haha. I love these guys, they are in the process of invading my icons. Them and Austria/Hungary/Prussia. *cannot choose*

And yes, sorry for spamming your journal, [livejournal.com profile] madelineusher :"D

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it's okay, we both love us some Austria/Hungary/Prussia. but (in my case) only if Hungary's dominating both of them ;D

The Nordics though man

the Nordics

there are no words for their badass awesome

...I'm taking this to your journal hahaha

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Funny, I was just thinking about you today. Glad to hear that you're enjoying UCLA, and your classes sound interesting. What's your major these days?

I suppose you heard I'm down another internal organ (as I told your Aunt Kirsten, I'm rapidly running out of optional parts) but other than that life continues here at Offhand Manor.

Are you using the Hero System books? If not, I could really use them for a campaign I'm planning. If you are, no big.

Please tell me the History class at least mentioned Hair

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Comparative Literature, and if you ask me what I'm going to do with that I'll punch you. (The answer is publishing and maybe later teaching.)

I did hear! Glad everything's okay, though.

They miiight have gotten lost in the move, but if I can find them they're all yours.

And yes, yes it did! Covered it in depth.

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i could use a hug. ._.

aww your classes sound awesome though. sounds like things are nice for you. :)

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kshandra: The Burning Man effigy, lit in blue neon, arms by his sides; an orange half-moon is visible over his shoulder. (WeeMee)

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I have to figure out if a) [livejournal.com profile] apandaleaf is walking in Graduation this spring (she's finishing a quarter early, last I heard) and b) if I/we will be able to make it down for the ceremony, so we can all get together for lunch or something.

Good to see you here - as [livejournal.com profile] gridlore said, we were just talking about you. Now go read [livejournal.com profile] lysanderpuck's new fic. It's adorabibble. ♥hugs♥

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Lunch sounds awesome!

I hope you were saying good things about me. Also, the fact my aunt is reading my friend's Hetalia fic is somewhat strange.
kshandra: a stack of hardback books, spines facing away (Books)

From: [personal profile] kshandra

Well, I don't "get" Hetalia, but a good story is a good story.

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Man it's been forever since we talked, but IT'S GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU ♥

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It's funny, I saw a comment from an LJ name I didn't recognize and thought "you know, that's probably Sam".


And it's good to talk to you again!