Birthday age: 19 (why did I type 18 the first time lol)

Birthday spoils:
-Young Pioneer neck kerchief, with two lovely pins to go with it (including the flaming-head-of-Lenin one depicted in the article)
-Two lovely lovely pieces of Russia/Prussia art
-Soviet flag cake
-Filet Mignon yessss
-Some sort of custard ice cream
-More to come probably??
(19 is apparently the Soviet age lol)

Last year final verdict: ...Could have been much, much better

Next year hopes: please to suck slightly less?

Birthday verdict: Pretty awesome!

Thank you for all the well wishes, and here's hoping I make it to 20 without any major upsets. ♥

(Next year I'm making dad ice the flag of Belarus.)

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Crap, I'm late. Belated Happy Birthday, dear.

And I'm glad you had an awesome one. ♥
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It was delicious! Tasted also like equality.

Awesometastic! Don't worry about the wait~

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It should be noted that the cake was at first equally divided among all present. Later, the remainder was distributed to each according to his or her need.