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the girl
Aisu is a person, that much is clear. From there, reports are vague and foggy.

Some have said she stalks the night hunting for her prey. Some have said that she's merely a spirit of the past, trying to communicate her intent past the veil of life itself. Some have said that she is one of the Gods incarnate, although probably a very minor God of mismatched socks or the like.

Sadly, the reality is a bit less interesting.

Aisu is a 21-year-old university student, majoring in Comparative Literature with a specific soft spot for Russian literature. She's an anime geek, an avid reader, and sometimes a writer of fanfic, most of which she puts on another comm to spare people's eyes. She hopes to work at a publishing company and then either retire on the profits of her million dollar novel or go to grad school to become a professor.

She enjoys RP, Dostoevsky, The Protomen, Hetalia, and Homestuck, among other things.
the credit
Images from this video. Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt is the property of Hidekaz, and I claim no rights to his image.
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