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dude I hadn't realized you played an Adachi.


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too lazy to journalswitch but hey it works

He is pretty recent! But he's a bucketload of fun to play and so far just a sheer ton of DERP DERP CABBAGE DERP.

I was debating playing him at CFUD but around the time I had this idea I checked and counselor applications had closed like a day ago and you had an Adachi. BUT THE AWESOME SOCIAL LINK THREAD HAPPENED SO THAT IS OKAY.

Hi I've been lurking can you tell ;_;

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CFUD counselor apps you really have to plan ahead for because the submission window is only like. two hours long. And there still ends up being an insane number of them. It is MADNESS and possibly also SPARTA. Most people know what they're going to do like. months in advance. I knew since December, I just. didn't start writing the app until maybe two weeks before and then people were like SAM. APP. and I was like OH SHIT RIGHT SORRY.

god the social link thread, I laughed till I cried.

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Yeah, the problem is I tend to get the idea of MAYBE I SHOULD APP CFUD like. the day before the character I want gets filled. So the entire "planning ahead" thing is not exactly likely to happen.

That thread was beautiful, man.

also did you look over my Adachi at all? Any crit? I AM SO NEW TO PERSONA AND YOU ARE SO WISE AND *harasses*

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I have managed a CFUD app in twenty minutes while the window was open, but...that was Axl. I wouldn't try it with most characters. /)_(\

I didn't really look because oh god it's nearly five am here why am I awake. XD though IF YOU WANT ME TO I will happily come back when I'm actually coherent!

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Yeah, the things I wanted were Hetalia and Persona, sooooooo. NOT QUITE AS EASY.

GO SLEEP SRSLY. But yeah, if you wouldn't mind I'd appreciate an outside opinion!

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I think that Hetalia and Persona are among the biggest casts in the game so yyyyyyeah. (well, if you add up the entire Persona series together, I mean.) lol popular fandoms.

I will be shuffling off very very soon. but I'm weird and like to go to bed on the hour even when I can help it.

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lol indeed. But still, maybe soon I'll find some niche I want to play in! And I do enjoy stalking it casually. (If you talk to her at all, tell your Prussia I like her? idk)

Fair enough! But do rest. ;_;


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