Why am I not asleep? I thought I was going to sleep. D: WTF, self.

So, heck yeah Obama! I haven't watched the speech yet, will YouTube it tomorrow, but even just thinking President Obama makes me feel so happy. ♥ Might rant about the speech tomorrow, IDK.

In celebration of America and our pioneering spirits, I of course decided the most logical way to celebrate was Hetalia Oregon Trail. So Alfred, Arthur, Matthew, and the inexplicable tagalongs Ivan and Toris set out for OREGON.

Things that occurred:

-TWICE a thief stole most of our clothing, leaving (at one point) 3/5ths of the group naked. France, stop raiding my wagon.

-Alfred discovered that heroism is not enough to allow oxen to ford a 4-foot-deep river.

-Ivan died of some sort of horrible cholera/exhaustion/fever thing. Alfred I imagine wrote "GOOD RIDDANCE YOU COMMIE" on his grave.

-I discovered that Toris can survive anything. Seriously, he had simultaneous fever, exhaustion, cholera, dysentery, and measles and still made it.

-Matthew has fragile legs. D:

-My final score in points was (I am not even kidding) 1337.