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( Jan. 18th, 2009 01:06 pm)
So! Normally I am not the sort of person who would publicly out her kinkmeme fics. But [livejournal.com profile] psychoxbreaker drew a rendition of an angstfic I had written for it and dear god is her version of my terrible story awesome. I am seriously amazed by it holy crap. So of course I have to pimp it and worship it.

The Most Painful Thing

GO LOOK AT IT. It is a million times more amazing than anything I've done alone.

([livejournal.com profile] psychoxbreaker, you don't mind being linked and worshiped, right?)
► Pick up to 15 OTPs.
► Describe them in less than (or equal to) 15 words.
► Have your flist guess the OTP.

1. Beach trip canceled in favor of death and coma.
2. Vindictive bitch? Not a problem. Panty flashes? That has to go, sis.
3. You are horribly ungrateful and a git and do you want a scone?
4. Usually mutually misunderstood feelings don't end with eye loss and death.
5. Neko to anata ga suki desu. (note: yes the poor fangirl-ish Japanese is deliberate okay)
6. Hey, if I kill myself, make sure to go crazy and set yourself on fire!
7. Figure out your goddamn wish already.
8. It will all be alright as long as you don't leave, yes?
9. The Arbiter says that this breaks all the rules.
10. Wait, I'm the older brother, why are you in charge?
11. If not the murder, could you at least stop stealing my clothes?